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Vision Statement

We provide Mission-Critical solutions in order to close the gap of on the one hand dramatically increasing Cyber Threats and on the other side limited responses (Tools, Know-How and Certifications) in terms of breath and depth.

The Challenge

While the Cyber Security Threat is high & raising the response (Know-How, Tools, Norms) is still limited.

High cost of Cyber Breaches

The global total escalated average cost is at $7,7m according to the Ponemon Institute1

Raising number of Incidents & Costs

The number of cyber crimes & the cost associated is increasing at 95% & 144% respectively during the last 4 years2

Attacks & Malware are getting more complex

Many experts point out that there are more hackers & their attacks are getting better funded and better equipped with know-how & tools2

The Cyber Security Threat

The Response

Limited tools available

According to the consulting house EY the available tools for non-government clients are still lagging behind3

Limited Know-How & Awareness available

Limited number of IT security specialists as well as a lacking awareness of companies are still a major barrier to a better protection4

No Trusted Certification / Norms available

The enterprise customer ends up with distrust & is in need of neutral guidance & verification in light of increasing regulation5

1) ponemon.org  2) thecybersecurityexpert.com  3) EY, Los Alamos National Laboratory  4) World Economic Forum  5) European Commission, darkreading.com

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